The Three Wins For Business in Auckland’s Urban Density Battle

The fight for space in Auckland is reaching new heights as the city’s 30 year plan starts to grind through to its final stages.

Without a doubt urban density has been the number one issue as the Auckland Council has drawn up it’s Unitary Plan and put it out to the public for submissions.

Submitters ranging from private individuals to corporations and government departments are all having a lot to say about the pros and cons of denser housing and business districts.

It is a sign of our times. And hard up against it is the increasing hot debate about property values in Auckland.

These issues are not going to end any time soon.

So what’s in it for business?

I believe it is like all looming crises. There is always some great opportunities in tough times through innovation and thinking creatively.

I see three wins for business in property planning.

Win One:

The immediate upside is that property developers, architects  and engineers are already coming up with a wider range of solutions for commercial buildings and workspaces. One size fits all no longer cuts it. The luxury ofgreenfields planning is starting to become a thing of the past.  Brownfield sites and mixed use developments are going to be on the up and up. This provides great opportunities for custom-made solutions that can end up being both more cost effective and good for your brand.

Win Two:

The opportunity to take a close look at what space you really do need and where you should be located. The trends towards hot desking, remote working, doing business online, Just in Time (JIT) strategies about holding stock is revolutionizing our way of thinking about the space we need.  Unless there is a sense of urgency we often put up with premises that are less than ideal.  Resizing or shifting is not always a costly move.

Win Three:

Thinking about being close to home.

The successful businesses of the future will be those that have got their heads around the fast changing dynamics of doing business on the move, having flexible workspaces that will shift and change according to business strategies.

Being in the right place at the right time will enable you to attract the best staff,  and clients.

The real opportunities in Auckland will be around doing some smart thinking about location of work forces and work places. It is not going to be all about the CBD, its fringe and traditional industrial zones. Mixed use developments are on the up and up. One particularly interesting place to watch will be New Lynn.

So if you’re sick of the endless debates about the pros and cons of urban density; think creatively about what opportunities there may be.

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