The future is fewer desks and more devices

The future is fewer desks and more devicesIt’s old news that the number of people working remotely is on the rise. But a new international study has just come out with some startling figures on just how different this will look in a few years time.

Mobile and cloud technology firm Citrix polled a total of 1,900 IT decision makers in 19 countries about what offices will look like in 2020.

What they found is mind blowing… 

  • Each employee will access 6 devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc), and
  • There will be only 6 desks for every 10 employees.

The Citrix Workplace of the Future report says that globally, a quarter of organisations today have already fully adopted mobile work styles.

By the middle of 2014, 83% of organisations will have embraced mobile work styles.

The shift to mobile work styles will reduce property costs by 48%

The findings have significant implications for both the size and design of workplaces in the very near future.

After all… 2020 is just 7 years away!

The Citrix survey also predicts the shift to what is now called mobile work styles will reduce an organisation’s real estate costs by 48%.

The IT leaders see more and more employees accessing corporate applications in hotels, airports, cafes and while in transit.

For business leaders, this reduced cost is going to significantly change business strategy around property.

There is a real opportunity to explore ways to take advantage of this trend.

There is a natural concern for many CEOs and CFOs that property costs are a huge fixed liability.

Now is the time to shift the focus to the property savings and productivity increases that can be made from a mobile work style.

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