The efficiencies of landlord and tenant working together

The efficiencies of landlord and tenant working togetherWe hear so much these days about the benefits of collaboration and cooperation, but often it is the theory and not the practice we hear about.

I’m involved in the last stages of a great project that has been a successful collaboration between a building owner and a significant sized business to achieve a result of mutual benefit.

The business of 100 employees needed 1,500 square metres in a new location, where the site was closer to where people lived, close to public transport, in a good central neighbourhood, and where the building had a good green star rating.

Parallel Directions found a location that just about fit the bill, but it needed a fit-out to suit the company, and an overall upgrade of the building to meet green status.

Often when a business needs a fit-out and a building owner needs to do an upgrade, there can be duplication in project management, sub contractors etc.

In this case, however, we reached an agreement where both parties would work together on the project as one integrated team.

As you can imagine, there have been savings in costs, time and a number of overall efficiencies. Both parties have invested in a solution of mutual benefit.

And we were able to achieve further savings for our client by managing the search for the location, the fit-out and the relocation as one process.

It’s great when common sense prevails.

And if you think a scenario like this might only work for a larger organisation, that is not always the case. A smaller business of around 30 employees can equally benefit from a similar cooperation.

The only real criteria around scale needs to be a clear benefit to both parties from the arrangement.

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