The Auckland revolution – a city proud and loud about coming of age

The Auckland revolution - a city proud and loud about coming of ageAuckland is experiencing massive change on a scale we haven’t seen since the Harbour Bridge was built.

The tide is turning on New Zealand’s big smoke and it is on the verge of global recognition as a world class city.

Idealog magazine recently ran an article titled Finding Auckland’s mojo which says Auckland is coming of age as a city.

Auckland is home to more than 60 percent of the country’s top 200 companies, the region has 31 percent of the country’s business sites, and 32 percent of its paid employees.

Auckland has become a hugely multicultural city. There are approximately 190 different ethnic groups in Auckland.

One in every three New Zealanders lives within Auckland and one in every two New Zealanders live within a couple of hours’ drive of Queen Street.

Whether New Zealanders like it or not, the country depends on Auckland.

But perceptions of the city are changing. Who would have thought a few years ago that a National MP, in this case a young MP – Nikki Kaye in Auckland Central, would be a huge advocate for alternative transport, getting people out of cars, and urban intensification?

These ideas were once only the domain of the Green Party.

The revolution in thinking about Auckland is also being spurred on by the new amalgamated Auckland Council, its spatial plan and trends such as Iwi working collectively and becoming a significant economic player.

The new Auckland is starting to get a sense of place that people own. And to accompany that, as business leaders, we need to find our niche in the greater Auckland; whether it is in the CBD, on the fringe, or in the satellite city centres.

Sense of place is becoming all important as part of an organisation’s brand values and vision. How on-to-it we are with our location, our layout, and how we create a sense of place can significantly impact our business development.

It’s time to get proud and loud about being an Auckland business, and loving this place.

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