Retail Clients


Retail is complex, and landlords are often inflexible. However, the success of any retail store always comes down to location, location and location.

The right space, the right place.

It’s not just about the number of people walking past your shop front, but their demographic and disposable income.

The ideal retail space gives you great exposure to your target shoppers, is positioned in a destination area, or is close to high-traffic locations in a shared retail environment. And of course, the window display is carefully tailored to attract the attention and custom of your target market.

It’s not just about cost per square metre.

Retailers understand that a premium space will have a higher rent and need a more expensive fit out, so they work hard to achieve a higher foot-traffic conversion rate, and greater shopper spend.

Choosing the right location and making premises a great shopping experience are key success factors. Our specialist help ensures that the decision you make reflects and supports your business model and bottom-line.

How we can help you.

End-to-end advisory services

- from finding and securing new premises, to providing ongoing strategic advice on leases and premises, to negotiating rent reviews and lease renewals, we’ve got your back. When you need help, we’re here.

Stay-or-go feasibility studies

– whether you’re in growth mode or rationalising your operations, the decision to stay or go is critical to the future of your business. That’s why we simplify the whole decision-making process. We provide objective reporting based on current market rental data and clarify the impact on your bottom-line, staff productivity and company culture. We give your Board the power to make the right decision with complete confidence.

Resolving and avoiding disputes

– commercial property leases can involve complicated contractual agreements, and misunderstandings of obligations on both sides can lead to conflicts or problems. We use our intimate business knowledge to avoid potentially costly and bitter disputes, or resolve issues as they emerge.

Stock and layout

– we can advise you on guaranteed ways to use your retail space for maximum return, while creating an attractive, customer-focussed shopping experience that drives sales, produces repeat visits and gains ongoing loyalty.

Mall management

– we help you navigate the complex constraints and caveats that apply to retail outlets in the mall environment.