New types of jobs on the way to match virtual offices

New types of jobs on the way to match virtual officesIt’s not only space that is going to change as we increasingly move towards virtual offices. It will be the nature of the jobs we do too.

I came across an interesting website that looks at the future of the office working environment.

The site was set up in 1999. The information on this website is the result of research and interviews with leading futurists, technology specialists and workplace experts.

Office of the Future: 2020 is produced by OfficeTeam, a staffing service specialising in the temporary placement of highly skilled administrative and office support professionals with more than 325 offices worldwide.

I found the following job titles and job descriptions said a lot about the future of the office. Skill sets will be wider than traditional administration roles to take account of the way we will occupy offices space and conduct our work in the years ahead.

Resource Coordinator
Virtual offices that employ numerous contract workers will rely heavily on individuals adept at bringing together the right human resources for a given project – much like movie producers assembling a cast, camera crew and production team.

Workflow Controller
This individual will serve as “mission control” for an organisation. The workflow controller will ensure these professionals have the support and resources required to do their jobs.

This position also will facilitate interaction among teams and coordinate the transfer and use of company resources such as computers, communications equipment and other technology tools.

Knowledge Manager
In the more fluid and project-based office of the future, this central figure will serve as a repository of institutional information, history and best practices. The knowledge manager will ensure continuity and consistency, and help new employees and project professionals adapt to the organisation’s culture.

In addition, the knowledge manager will perform a function similar to that of a librarian, assisting people in locating the documents or data necessary to perform their jobs.

Telecommuting Liaison
As the number of off-site workers increases, companies will designate a telecommuter liaison to connect remote workers with each other and management.

In some instances, individuals in this position will work with senior management to develop telecommuting policies, including helping to determine which positions are suited for off-site work.

Day-to-day responsibilities will include managing telecommuting schedules and providing technical support and updates to telecommuters regarding changes in operational procedures and company policies.

Virtual-Meetings Organiser
This person will help employees schedule conferences and set up the necessary equipment. The virtual-meetings organiser will be technically proficient and trained in the use of cameras, projection systems, electronic whiteboards, meeting software, audio equipment and related tools.

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  1. Virtual office is no doubt the future of offices. It is the best option for organizations or individuals who want to grow in business world but do not have enough resources and money to invest. Virtual offices give you opportunity to rule this business world without investing much.

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