Mounting pressures on commercial landlords will impact tenants

Commercial landlords sell at lossIt has been a while since I reported on the state of the property market. Needless to say there has been little to report other than a continuing glut, a trend that is not going to change anytime soon.

But the pressures on commercial landlords above and beyond the oversupply are starting to mount.

If we add into the mix the challenges of insurance in the post-Christchurch quake era, and increasing requirements for heritage protection and sustainable green buildings, it is not an easy time for the commercial landlord.

This item on National Radio’s Checkpoint programme gives a great snapshot of these: National Radio podcast – commercial landlords sell at loss (Click to open short 3:53 mp3 audio file 1.3 MB in a new window, or right click and select “Save Target As” to download.)

The solutions to these issues will lie in collaboration, creativity and cooperation.

We are starting to see some great examples of creative use of commercial space, from pop-up shops, to short term art installations and galleries, through to more and more shared space concepts.

The latest Idealog magazine has a great feature on The Kitchen, a shared business space concept in Ponsonby.

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