More time on Facebook improves productivity

More time on Facebook improves productivityIt sounds completely counterintuitive, but finding out what is happening on Facebook can offer great insights into ways to make a work culture thrive.

One of the top innovative companies in the United States right now is Networked Insights.

They compile what is called ‘social data’ by researching what is happening in social media. The days of surveys and feedback sessions could well be over.

Networked Insights offers solid empirical data gathered from social media to back up thinking about hunches and trends.

We get to find out what people really think and what they are doing through analysis of social media.

We hear a lot about stories and information going viral. And it is not just trivia.

So what does this all mean for productivity?

We know now that if people feel good about the place they work, and believe in the mission, they are more productive.

A key part of wellbeing is social interaction. Today that happens in cyberspace.

So allowing people to keep tabs on what is happening on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and You Tube is becoming a key part of being well informed, networked and productive.

We could well start to see “well linked on social networks” as a key component of job descriptions!

It is a challenge… knowing whether time on social media is productive or a waste of time.

But if we want to make the places we work efficient and work for us, and to have our people engaged, we can’t ignore the social media traffic.

It gives us the real oil.

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