Industrial Clients


The industrial sector is often defined as manufacturers, distributors or a combination of both. But despite commonalities, each has specific needs and metrics for success. One thing they all have in common is that time is money, so speed and safety are essential.
With a tiny 2% vacancy rate for industrial space in Auckland, it’s not only difficult to find the right space, but you may have to compete to get it. That’s where we come in.

Fit for purpose.

The primary consideration for distributors is choosing premises that support their style of operation. For example, a building height that allows for suitable racking, and width so you can move stock safely and easily in and around the premises. Or you need space so large transport vehicles can enter and exit the site easily.

Location, location, location.

Whatever your business purpose, having the right location is critical for success. Smart operators know they need to be close to main arterial roads and motorways to streamline transport and provide easy access for the skilled workforce they need to run the business.

Manufacturing often requires facilities to dispose of waste from its processes, and require a lot of power, gas and fresh water. Compliance with zoning rules also dictates location suitability.

Our wide range of services ensure that your new premises are fit for purpose, and realise you a profit.

How we can help you.

End-to-end advisory services

- from finding and securing new premises, to providing ongoing strategic advice on leases and premises, to negotiating rent reviews and lease renewals, we’ve got your back. When you need help, we’re here.

Stay-or-go feasibility studies

– whether you’re in growth mode or rationalising your operations, the decision to stay or go is critical to the future of your business. That’s why we simplify the whole decision-making process. We provide objective reporting based on current market rental data and clarify the impact on your bottom-line, staff productivity and company culture. We give your Board the power to make the right decision with complete confidence.

Resolving and avoiding disputes

– commercial property leases can involve complicated contractual agreements, and misunderstandings of obligations on both sides can lead to conflicts or problems. We use our intimate business knowledge to avoid potentially costly and bitter disputes, or resolve issues as they emerge.


– we have an up-to- date and comprehensive understanding of the latest Fire and Health & Safety regulations.