Seductive Places to Live and Work

I often wonder how often a business really means it when they say, “Our staff are our greatest asset” in their values statement or marketing.

It’s a bit like answerphones which have the message, “Your call is important to us” I don’t think many people really believe that.

It is so important to really walk your talk, especially with staff. And especially in today’s market where young professionals pick and choose their employer.

So what does that have to do with leasing commercial property? Well, plenty.

The other day I heard a top presentation called City Dating from architect Anthony Flannery. He says cities must really compete to be desirable for a highly mobile, choosey and talented professional class. The location and character of your premises, inside and out, is going to count a whole lot. These days we have to have workplaces that are seductive to attract and retain the best. A people-friendly place, close to home and other attractive city destinations is a must to attract the ‘bright young things’ currently heading overseas in droves.

I heard the other day how a very talented young lawyer in his 30s refused an offer from a firm because they didn’t have a sustainability policy!

A strategy to find the right place for your business, fit it out well and ensure it is attractive and environmentally friendly will make all the difference.

So how can we put Auckland on the map as a desirable destination? Commercial tenants can have a real say by demanding better conditions; to put pressure on the city fathers and property developers to have the city be well designed, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sustainable and ultimately a great place to work and hang out!