Peter Scott

Parallel Directions was established in July 1988 by Peter Scott. We provide specialist ‘go-to’ commercial property advice. We are completely independent of the agency system, and provide innovative and strategic property solutions for our commercial clients.

The difference we're proud of

We believe in providing our clients with an even playing field. We talk about the property game as a power gradient, with the landlord almost inevitably in possession of the high end. They have a daunting array of property consultants, commercial valuers and real estate agents on their team.

But you’ve got us.

We are fierce tactical negotiators. We are highly experienced and astute. And we focus on evening up the imbalance so you come out of negotiations better off than when you went in.

What we do for you.

We work with companies to renegotiate their current leases, relocate premises in entirety, or acquire further retail, industrial or office space. We search for the ideal property for you, and help you select the space that meets your budget and long-term plan. We use our negotiation skills to support you. Right through to advising you on how to utilise space, and save money in the process. And if we do the analysis and think you’re better off staying put, we tell you.

We focus on reducing your long-term outlay while supporting your business growth, and our fee model includes a clear description of the savings we make for you.

We promise to make this process as stress-free and risk-free as possible. You benefit from our considerable market intelligence, commercial insight, and negotiation expertise. We help you make the right decision for the future of your business, at the right price.

We’ve got your back.

We have over 30 years’ experience in the commercial property sector and are proud to have successfully rehomed all kinds of companies - from local success stories to international corporations and not-for-profit organisations.