About Peter Scott


Peter is known as a negotiator to be reckoned with. He’s flexible, strategic and outcome driven.

He took his first-hand experience and in-depth knowledge of the commercial property sector to elevate Parallel Directions into its unique positon in the Auckland and New Zealand marketplace.
He’s realised his vision of being a truly independent and strong advocate for his clients and levelling out the imbalance of power between landlord and tenant.

Peter has honed his innovative approach to negotiation and strategic planning through 30 years of market trends and legal changes. He enjoys the challenge of unravelling the issues posed by relocating or renegotiating leases. Especially when he saves his clients hundreds of thousands in the process.

Peter understands the market, his clients’ needs and the legal complexities of leases, which gives him an unparalleled ability to deliver outstanding value to his local and multinational clients.