Strategic Property Management

We help you extract the best performance from your commercial property resources within a strategic business plan context. Our strategic property planning services…

We provide targeted property advice to help commercial tenants and owner-occupiers reduce costs and improve results:

  • Property mentoring – mentoring boards and senior management to integrate property with strategic business objectives.
  • Property advice – property and leasing advice and consulting projects.

  • Property master planning – planning future property requirements.
  • Expansion & consolidation planning – analysis and planning for organisations that are expanding or shrinking.

  • Facilities reviews – property and leasing advice and consulting projects.
  • Provider reviews – review and audit of facilities providers for owner-occupiers.
  • Opex audits – operating cost reviews, benchmarking, and negotiation of cost reductions.

Good property management includes preparing for the future

We’re always thinking ahead to ensure you get the best deal on your property lease. Get in touch for expert advice and consultation on planning for the future.

Subject: Strategic Property Management

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Property Management